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LOVELESS Are you a fighter or a sacrifice?
Fighter or Sacrifice?

1. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
A leader
A follower
2. GASP! Your classmate is being bullied. What do you do?
Its none of my business
Stand up for him
Go get a teacher
Get a friend to help you stand up to the bullies
Join in on the bullying
3. You witness a bank robery. What do you do?
What bank robery?
Call the police
Try to stop the robber
I dont want to get involved
4. Would you rather protect or be the protected?
5. Injuries?
I would like to avoid them at all costs
I can take em!
If its nothing major...
I love pain!
INJURIES!?!?! It hurts just thinking about it!
6. How are you with words?
Ok i guess...
um, I`m failing Language Arts? Does that answer your question?
Words? Gross.
My teachers can`t stop praising me!
7. Which would you rather be?
I dont care

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Created on:12/9/2009 6:29:08 PM
Made by:xNOVAx

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