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Love Quiz-boys and girls
Do you really love someone or is it just a crush? Do you want to find out?

1. Do you trust him/her?
Of course!
Sometimes, if they don`t do anything stupid.
They are just close. I wouldn`t sign my life away for them
2. If him/her was doing something stupid what would you do?
Know that they would not mind if you told them so you tell them.
Be a bit nervous about telling them and do it slowly and awkwardly.
I do not know this person!!!
Go tell them they are really weird then you both laugh
3. If your person wasn`t making as much money as you what would you say?
Support them because I will always be there for them and share my money.
Give them a £20 note and say remember to make it last.
Be a bit embarrassed but give them money all the same.
Say you should be making your own money and tell them it firmly but say sorry after
None of the above.
4. How would you feel if they broke up with you?
Absolutely devastated!!!
Extremely upset :-(
Over joyed
5. What do you think they would say if you were cheating on them?
Very sad
Not to sad
6. Finally, do you feel happy when you are doing something to make them happy?
Never happier
Other emotions

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Created on:3/20/2017 3:22:53 PM
Made by:livi11

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