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How long will you survive in the Hunger Games
Will you survive

1. The horn is going to ring the arena is a lightly forested area. The gong rings. What do you do???
Grab as many supplies as you can then run off in the opposite direction from the other players.
Grab a weapon and start to kill people.
Run into the forest. You know how to forage.
Run straight into the cornucopia to get to the better supplies.
2. You grab supplies and decide to run where should you go???
The tall maple tree about five kilometers away.
To the river close by.
Stay here and fight.
Behind the cornucopia.
Anywhere you just had to get away.
3. You manage to get away from the bloodshed. But you lost all of your supplies when a career attacked you. What should you do next.
Find shelter
Find water
Make a weapon
Find an ally
There are some berries near by they look edible.
4. You come across a fourteen year old girl. She has sprained her ankle. What do you do???
Ask for her to be you ally
Kill her it will get you some sponsors
Leave her
5. You don`t have the courage to kill or leave the girl. You help her up her name is Shay. It is getting dark what should you do???
Find some food there are berries over there.
Find shelter
Look for someone to kill.
6. Night has come and seven players have been killed it Is cold and your new friend is shivering what will you do.
Make a fire
Give her you`re jacket
Cover her with pine bows.
7. You wake up to a canon shot you look at Shay who was unmoving. She died. You here someone shouting and crashing through the bush.
Run away you don`t care how loud you are.
Quitly walk into the bush.
8. You are really hungry there are multiple food items around what should you eat.
Blue berries
That quail over there stuck in the brambles
In the river there are a large number of minnows
Nothing you should get water
9. Night has come and gone there are only five people left the gamemakers have sent falcon mutts into the arena.
Attack them
Lead them to the other players
10. There is one player left how will you get rid of them
Kill them personally
Set a trap
Let the wilderness kill them
You just can`t…

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