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How long whould you last in a horror film if I made it?
They make horror film quizzes. I make this. 8D!

1. What do you do if your friend sneaks up on you?
Jump because you are surprised.
Panic and bolt.
Tell your friend what a lame attempt it was to scare them.
Scream like a girl.
2. You see a long trial of blood. What do you do?
Carefully walk away and constanly look around.
Call the police and/or ambulance.
Follow it curiously.
Follow it and bring a sword.
Stay calm and think of some statigies.
3. The trail of blood leads to your friend, but she is alive, uninjured, and unafraid. There is nobody else around and no cries for help.
Kill your friend believing she/he murder, tortued, or ate somebody.
Look up holding a sword.
Ask your friend what`s going on to buy some time.
Uhhh.... Uh oh.
Why did I follow the trail of blood?
Point a gun at your friend and interrogate her.
4. A thing comes from above. It is huge a cover in blood.
I was looking up with a sword prepared so I killed it. (Only if you looked up.)
Try and fight it off.
Pee your pants.
Beg your friend to help you.
Shot it and run.
Will the beast to follow your orders.
Commit suicide.
5. Amazingly you were able to kill the beast and your friend. What do you do?
Make a new friend.
Do a victory dance.
Be on the look out for more monsters.
Call the police and tell them what had happened.
Buy a whistle.
Be scared and scarred for the rest of your life.
6. Its been a while and you think its finally over till a little girl is walking slowly towards you with swords dripping in blood.
Befriend the girl.
Blow the whistle hoping it actually does something.
Talk to the girl.
7. Only answer this question if you blew the whistle. What happens after you blow the whistle?
I die for my stupidity.
It might call something.
I didn`t blow the whistle.
8. A furious tiger saves you from the little girl. Can you trust it?
Um sure...
Watchs the tiger intently.
Kills the tiger.
Ditchs the tiger.
9. The tiger turns on you. What now?
Leave slowly.
I killed it.
Convince the tiger not to eat you.
Fight against the tiger.
10. The End! .... for now.
Rate and Comment?
Get scared of me.
Buy now.
I`m leaving for a while.
See you in like five seconds.

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