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How long until you pee yourself?
Do this things and answer how you feel...

1. What is your average time to pee?
Every hour.
6 hours.
Half a day. (12 hours)
A whole day!
2. Drink 32 oz (1 quart) of water. How do you feel?
I really gotta go!
I`m starting to feel pee-ish...
Thanks for giving me a drink. No longer thristy.
3. If you were in a public washroom and the urinals and stall`s are out of order. What would you do?
Pee everywhere. Couldn`t hold it long enough.
Pee at the closest thing next to me, (not the floor)
Go to a different place to a different washroom...*slowly dropping pee*
Go to a different place to pee. I can hold it.
4. Now lay down somewhere and take your clothes off. Stop holding in your pee for 15 seconds. What happened?
Eww....the entire ground is wet...
A big spray came out. Couldn`t stop until my pee was 100% finished.
A fairlry-big spray came out. Stopped it after 15 seconds.
A small drop or 2.
5. Alright, sit on the toilet for 30 seconds with your underwear and pants ON. What happened?
Peed all in my pants.
Peed quite a lot in my pants.
A few drops.
6. Now take your clothes OFF. Sit on the toilet. And push. What happened?
Ahh, that felt goooood! Wait...The goal is NOT to pee..oh...
Peed in the toilet.
Peed a few drops.
7. You were with your boyfriend/girlfriend. And had to pee. No washrooms around anywhere. What would you do?
Pee on his face. I don`t care.
Pee just in my pants.
Tell him I gotta pee and then pee on a wall.
Pee in a bush.
Just pee on the floor.
8. If you were a long ride to a field trip. And had to pee with your friends next to you. What would you do?
Pee on them.
Pee on the bus seat.
Pee in a bottle.
Ask them where to pee and pee there.
9. You`re in bed and have to pee. You don`t want to get out because you cozy. What do you do?
I had to clean the bed sheet anyways...
Take off my pants, open the window, pee out there.
Take off my pants, and pee on the floor.
10. You`re laying down and you gotta pee. And you`re too lazy to go to the bathroom. What do you do?
Take off pants, and pee like a fountain.
Pee my pants
Just roll over to the bathroom and pee.
11. Now, push your bladder for 1 minute. How do you feel?
AWFUL! I peed everywhere!
A loooooooooong spray of pee.
A little spray.
12. How many times did you pee today?
10 times or less.
Oh, like all day!!

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