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How long would you servive a Zombie out break
do you have what it takes to go all the way

1. Relationship status, no im not hitting on you
2. Weapon of choice
AR15/Semi-auto rifle
Blunt Melee weapon
3. News just confirmed outbreak you do what?
Go to Walmart for supplies
Bunker down make house a fortress
Grab the supplies up for road trip
Call up friends/family
4. Short on food,ammo, items as such now what
Go to town time to shop
hit up the mall
Go to small gas stations
Walmart time
Go hunting/fishing
5. Who is in your survival group
Lone wolf (no one)
Friends/family 2-3 people
Random people 2-3people
friends/family 10-12 people
6. Your loved one or best friend got infected now what
Double tap
drop them off along the road
chain them up hope for a cure
join em and be a zombie, why not everyone else is
7. Ideal place to take camp
woods away from city
Farm close to a small town
Boat in the ocean
Still at home
8. Answer truthfully- Current cardio level
Cardio Means ability to run
Get winded after lightly jogging 1/4 mile
Can sprint 1/4 mile in under a minute
Better at slow jogging long distance
Walking speed no jogging/sprinting
9. Vehicle of choice
Dodge Charger aka General Lee
On foot/ nike express
Prius- hey they have nice gas mileage
10. Its just you now all alone Zombies at the door now what
Wait for the door to bust down and unload
find escape route take em down as you go
Im on a boat still what door?

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Created on:12/21/2015 4:20:22 AM
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