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How Long?
Find out how long you'll live in a rainforest (e)

1. Your boat suddenly crashes on a deserted rainforest island....what do you do next?
Look for food
Look for water
Look for a spot to tan/surf the waves
Look for shelter
2. You havent drinken anything in 2 days.Pretty soon you might be dead.What do you do next?
Get some water and boil it from a fire(which you made)
Make a cup from the leaves and set it out so when it rains you have water
Squeeze juice from exoctic fruits
Sit there and die
Drink the "fluids" which come out of your body
3. What would you eat???
Some fruit...I dont know what it is but it looks good!
Bark off the tree
4. The sun is setting and your just about to fall asleep.All of a sudden a pack of snakes are huddling around you.What do you do?
Jump over them and keep running until theyre out of sight
Sit there so they can eat you but hope they will just go away
Pretend your dead so theyll get bored and leave
Squish all of them
5. When you start walking happen to get a cut on your do you handle the situation?
Tear a piece of my clothing off and rap it around my leg
Eeeww...blood gross
Absolutely nothing
Scream for help
6. How will you signal for help???
By lighting the trees on fire
Scream loudly and wave your arms
Write SOS in the sand
Line the rocks in a formation that spells HELP and light them(with fire)

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Created on:7/20/2007 10:31:40 AM
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