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How long would you last as the Jokers hostage    quiz. The first one was so much freakin fun  this should be awesome too    w  more spelling errors   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How long would you last as the Jokers hostage2!!
The first one was so much freakin fun, this should be awesome too... w/ more spelling errors!!!

1. You look behind you and see the Joker and Henchman chasing you...
Hits w/ Instument/ or Text Book
Leaps into the Jokers arms
Let`s him catch you
2. You need a hiding place...
Girls Bathroom
In Jokers arms
Behind principles desk( armed with #2 pencil)
3. Reguardless you are caught... fortuanetly you decide to hum a song(from Broadway musicle Wicked) while waiting for certain doom
As long as your Mine
No one mourns the wicked
March of the Witch hunters
4. Wanna know how I got these scars?
hmmm... not really
*Immitates shooting self*
5. How would you want the Joker to kill u?
Knife that would give me a chance to fight back w/ my awesome MARTIAL ART SKILLS!!!
Gun then I would have the satisfaction of knowing he killed me to quickly for his taste!
does`nt matter... as long as I could stare into his eyes while he does it...(me:*gags*)
Knife thats his Fav!!!!!
6. You r Rachal being dangled out of the window (curtousy of the Joker) and Batman just said "let her go"....
What The HELL!!!
He`s holding my hand...*sigh*
*bites jokers hand*
7. Am I wasting your time...
ummm I wasn`t doin anything any way...
Yes(I could be w/ my puddin right now!)
Hmmmm sorry...

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Created on:2/18/2009 8:24:20 PM
Made by:ebony__wings

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