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Are you lonely?
How lonely are you?

1. If you were to call someone for help with homework..
I would! And then we would talk about other stuff for hours!
I would. He/she would help me and we would probably talk a little about other things too
I would. He/she would probably help me, but we wouldn`t talk more
I wouldn`t. There is no one I can talk to.
2. If you were to call someone without any particular reason...
I do it every day!
I have some friends I could call
There is no one I could call
3. Do you have a boy/girlfriend?
Yes! And I love him/her. He/she is my real friend.
No, but I`ve had one a short time ago
Yes... wait, is he my bf/gf?
Yes, but I don`t really love him/her
No. The last time I have had one was ages ago or never.
4. If you asked someone you like to write a few words about you...
He/she would write a whole essay about how great I am:)
He/she would write a few sentences.
He/she would write he/she hates me
he/she would write only "XYZ is ok. Nice person"
He/she would ignore me
5. What do you usually do during weekends?
Spend all the time with cool people who love me!
Go out with a group of friends for a few hours, spend the rest of the time alone
I sometimes go tho the cinema or talk on the phone with some friends, usually I am alone
I stay at home crying

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