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What Kind of Lobster Tail are You?
North Australian? Maine? Tristan? See what Lobster Tail matches your tastes the best!

1. How often do you travel?
I`m a home body
1-2 trips per year
3-6 trips per year
I`m Never Home!
2. What is your idea of a perfect date?
Dinner and a Movie
Long Walk and Talk over Coffee
A raging night club and dancing all night
A Romantic Moonlight Boat ride
Sports Event
3. My kitchen is...
My favorite place to be!
A Culinary Masterpiece
Paper Plates and Plastic Cups
A Laboratory of New Ideas!
What Kitchen?
4. My Favorite Holiday is
New Years Eve
Valentine`s Day
5. My Favorite Color Is...
6. What is your beverage of choice when enjoying a special meal?
Water (No Bubbles)
Water (With Bubbles)
Beer and a Shot
7. What is your idea of a fine dining establisment?
Local Diner
Anyplace with white linen table cloths
A French Bistro
Closest Drive-thru
Everything A La Carte, Nothing under $25
8. What is your favorite kind of seafood?
Anything with fins
Anything with a shell
Anything that can hunt you back
Anything that requires a can opener
All of the above
None of the above
9. Your idea of exotic is
Sushi from the grocery store
Mexican Food- From Taco Bell
Ordering something on a menu that you can`t pronounce
Restaurant that serves spongy flat bread instead of silverware
Catch it, Clean it, Cook it, Eat it
Restaurant in any neighborhood called "Chinatown" or "Soho"
10. Your favorite dessert is...
Cherry Pie
Anything Dark Chocolate
Cheese Plate
Fresh Grapes
Toasted marshmallows
New York Cheesecake
Chocolate Ice Cream
11. You prefer your steak cooked...
Bloody Rare
Medium-Rare (Just semi bloody)
Medium (pink in the center)
Medium-well (mostly brown)
Well done and burnt to a crisp

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Created on:10/15/2009 3:44:45 PM
Made by:FoodieNikki

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