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Which L.L Character Are You?
Who are you most like? (Main characters only, check for minor).

1. You`re walking down a street from a much populated area. The town is obviously worn down, but the city seems safe. It`s night and not many people are around. You hear a noise that sounds like an animal`s cry; you...
Search for the source of noise
Ignore it and continue walking.
Get concerned, but assume it`s safe.
Laugh, then carry on.
2. Let`s say that you decide to search for the animal; it`s been several minutes, now. The noise seems to be getting closer, but you have to go to work before you`re late. You...
Continue to seach, it`s so close!
Eh, I gotta get to work. I`m sure it`s okay.
As much as I`d like to continue my search, I have to get to work. I hope the animal is okay.
3. You see a group of children ganging up on a younger child. They appear to be picking on him. Nobody else is near, and it looks like it will get violent soon. You...
Punch the other kids and ask if the kid is okay.
Analyze the situation, and approach it accordingly.
Ignore it.
Say something to scare the others away.
4. What`s your favorite color?
Black for life.
My color wasn`t in here.
5. What color schemes do you prefer to wear on a daily basis?
Earthy colors. (Dark green, browns, neutrals).
Casual colors. (Kakhi, Navy, Gray).
Black everything.
Pink everything.
My favorite color.
6. What kind of materials do you prefer in clothing?
Something fancy and expensive.
Something comfortable.
Jeans and chains.
Spandex and sexy!
Cotton and simple.
7. Which word best describes you as a freind?
8. Which word best describes you as a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?
9. What describes your love-life best?
Single because I don`t need anyone to be me.
Single because I`m taking a break.
Taken because I prefer being in relationships.
Taken because I`m saving myself for (Insert random celebrity here).
I go both ways.
10. Who do you like to date?
I don`t have a preference on gender.
I prefer women, but I still date or would like to date men.
I prefer men, but will or would like to date women as well.
I like women only.
I like men only.
I`m undecided.
11. What kind of person sounds like the perfect soul mate for you? (disregard gender).
Someone funny, outgoing, understanding, and unpredictable.
Someone romantic and kind, sweet, and gentle.
Someone who is understanding, supportive, kind, and affectionate.
Someone who has similar interests and hobbies.
12. If you had a time machine that could only go back into time (only to experience, not to change), which era/decade/century would you visit? (You can only stay for a week at most).
1990`s! I love punk rock and that`s where I should have been!
My childhood, just to relive the good times. <3
Gothic Era! (I want to figure out the world`s greatest mysteries!) The artwork and poetry is amazing
Pioneer Ages. I want to live a simple life!
I like where I`m at, I prefer the present time. I wouldn`t take the offer.
Dinosaur times! (I can just go back if a T-rex tries to eat me!)
I`d go to the past to meet a famous inventor/scientist/actor/musician/whatever to learn more things!
13. What is your ideal family?
My cat (or whatever animal) and I. That`s it.
My wife/husband, a child, and a pet. (The American dream) .
I`d like to see where life takes me.
By myself as an independent woman/man. (Possibly bunk with a close friend or relative, in addition).
My partner and me.
14. Do you enjoy to read? (To either learn or for entertainment). In general.
I read, but not that much.
Not really...
I read to learn, mostly.
I only read when I have to.
I love to read!
I`m neutral.
15. What`s your favorite genre of movies/books?
16. What`s your favorite genre of music?
EDM (Electronic Dance Music).
17. Who is the most important person to you?
A sibling, cousin.
Your mother/father/guardian/grandparent.
A boyfriend/girlfriend (If you do or don`t have one).
My best friend.
I can`t decide something like that.
18. Where do you want to live?
I`m a country gal/guy! Out in the open fields and a bit isolated from the rest of the world.
I`m a suburban! (I like being in between).
Total city guy/gal, over here!
19. How do you feel about social media?
I can live without it.
I`m neutral.
I like it, but not obsessed.
Social media means a lot. My followers must know all about my life!!
20. You end up having a day off from school/work. Who`s the first person you call to make plans?
My best friend, obviously.
A close family member. (Cousin, aunt, sibling).
My boyfriend/girlfriend.
21. It`s a Friday night, your plans just cancelled on you. What will go do now?
Call a close friend to come over for pizza and Netflix.
Dial up a booty call and pop out some drinks!
Read a book and pet my kitty.
Go out to the club!
Go out on a date! (Could be with friends or a bf/gf).
22. Do you want children?
No way!
Not really.
I`m neutral.
23. Which hobby is closest to yours?
Video Games.
Hanging out with friends/ social media.
24. Let`s say that you`re a smoker (cigarettes). You`re at a child`s birthday party and you feel the urge to take a smoke break. You:
Smoke near everyone else.
Smoke in a corner, and avoid people near you.
Get in your car and roll down a window.
Go to where nobody else is near and smoke.
25. If you had a twin, how would the two of you dress?
Same clothes to screw with people.
Completely opposite things.
Similar things, but whatever works.
Same clothes because you two are inseparable.

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