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Are you living in a haunted house?
Just in case you've ever wondered

1. To start of, lets find out how spooky your house actually is. When your alone in your house, do you ever feel the presence of someone else? (footsteps in the hallway, noises from another part of the house, ect, or that feeling your not alone?)
Yesss!!!! I`ve heard noises, and I always feel like theres somebody in the house.
Sometimes I get that creepy feeling, now that you mention it...
Nope, never.
Are you kidding me??? I would NEVER stay in this creepy old house alone! Waaay to scary!!!
2. Now lets get some facts one the house. How old is it?
Super old. 90-100+ years old.
Pretty old. 40-89 years old.
Quite young. 0-39 years old.
I have no idea.
3. How big is it?
Really big! 3 or more stories, not including our great big basement.
Not big, but not small. The average size.
4. Are you the first family to live in your house?
Yes, we are.
No. there have been families before us.
5. This one is tricky. Have there ever been unhappy people, who died unsatisfied with their life living in your house before you moved in?
Yes. I know that for a fact.
No. Definately not.
Dude how do you expect me to know that?!?!
6. Have people ever been reluctant to stay overnight in your house due to it`s creepyness?
Yup. Thats happened to me.
No, never!
7. Are YOU ever creeped out in your own house at night (or day)?
Yes. I admit it.
No, my house is freindly and cozy.
Ocasionally, on dark and stormy nights.
8. Will you comment/rate?

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