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Are You Living a Beautiful Life?
Find out.

1. Do you read books?
No, I don`t have time.
Sometimes, but most of them are for school
2. Have you ever danced in the rain?
No, that`s just silly.
Yes, it was fun.
I`ve thought about doing it, but never have.
3. Have you learnt a second language?
Yes, it was something new to try!
No, I have more important things to do
I`ve thought about it. But haven`t decided which language.
4. Have you been out of your country in the past 2 years?
I really wanted to, but I couldn`t get the money
No I`ve been too busy with work/school
Yes, just for an adventure!
5. Have you ever lived on the countryside?
I would like to, but all I can manage is holidays there.
Yes, and it was so great.
No. I need to live in the city. Near work!
6. Do you have a lot of friends and meet them regularly?
Yes, I always find time to catch up with friends.
No. Work and school has been so busy!
I try as much as I can. But sometimes there`s just too much work.
7. Do you have a good love life?
No. They always end in failure.
Yes, it`s so fantastic!
Yes and no. I`ve got my ups and downs.
8. Do you help strangers in need?
If I have the time too I do.
No, they can look after themselves.
Yes, I help anyone whenever I can.
9. Have you learnt a dance or musical instrument?
Don`t have time. I need to get my grades up/ catch up on work
Yes. I love to do extra activities and learn new things.
I`d like to but...
10. Have you ever climed a mountain?
Yes, outdoors is a great way to relax
No. Everything`s just been too busy.
A couple of times, not a lot though.
11. Do you excel/ regularly play any sport?
No. I`ve got no time to do that.
Yes, I play lots of sports to keep fit.
I play one, but I`m not very good at it. It`s still fun though!
12. Have you watched all the best movies?
Yes, I love watching movies.
Some of them. I don`t have enough time to watch them all.
No, I`ve got work/studies. No time!
13. Do you spend quality time with your family?
Sometimes, I`d rather hang out with my friends though.
No. I`m waaay too busy with other things!
Yeah, family is important!
14. Have you indulged yourself in sports like white water rafting, scuba diving, rockclimbing?
No, those are dangerous.
Yes. A bit of adrenalin doesn`t hurt anyone!
I`d like to, they`re a but costly though.
15. Do you have regular holidays?
Yes, you have to take time to relax.
I try too...
No way way waay too busy for that!

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