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Which literary heroine are you  quiz. Elizabeth Bennet  Jane Eyre  Anne Shirley  Wendy Darling or Isabella Swan  Take the quiz and find out which of my favourite literary heroines you      re most like Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which literary heroine are you?
Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, Anne Shirley, Wendy Darling or Isabella Swan? Take the quiz and find out which of my favourite literary heroines you´re most like!

1. Are you handsome?
No, at least not according to the common criteria
Yes, I´m a good looking person, although not a "shining beauty"
I think yes, although I think words like cute and sweet are more appropriate
I´ve never thought so myself, but people around me tend to think I´m pretty hot
There are many opininons about this and I´m not sure myself
2. What fairytale creature matches you best?
A forest fairy
A witch or an elf
A princess threatened by a seven-headed dragon
A wise queen
A pirate girl!
3. Your dream guy should be...
Very intelligent, helpful and understanding
Reserved, calm and reliable
Charismatic, passionate, with his own sense of humor
Gentle, protective and very unselfish
Playful, brave, always ready to have fun
4. You wouldn´t mind, if he was...
A bit immature
A little proud
Sort of dangerous
Moody and hot-tempered
Very devoted to his work
5. When you have some time for yourself, you... (I couldn´t use the option "read books" cause it was suitable for all of them!!!)
Go for a great adventure
Write a story / Start daydreaming
Take a long walk / Gossip with friends
Paint / Have a long conversation with someone
Unconsciously get myself in trouble
6. Are you happy about how you look like?
More like... settled. Mostly. I realize there are far more important things than that.
Not really; either I don´t care or I feel a little unhappy about it
I might be okay now but I used to be very troubled about it as a kid
I think I am...
I´m not sure... I don´t think I´ve ever thought of this before
7. People like you, because you are...
Adventurous, friendly and very good at telling stories
Smart, modest and hard-working.
Different than most people and very brave
Lively, witty and cheerful.
Intelligent and very kind, sort of original personality.
8. If someone doesn´t like you, it´s because...
I do things the way I want to and don´t care about what other people think
Either they envy me something or they don´t like my unusual behaviour swings
I´m very sincere, little defiant and I always defend myself when someone´s unfair to me
They´re just jealous cause someone is paying attention to me instead of them
They probably aren´t capable of liking anyone at all
9. You and your friends...?
I only have a few friends, but I love them with all my soul.
Most of my friends, including the best one, are boys and I really enjoy my time with them
I have one best friend and then a lot of... let´s say acquaintances
I have many friends and I´m very fond of them
Well, there are many of them and they have this unhappy little tendency to fight over me
10. Which of the following flowers reminds you of yourself?
Wild rose

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