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Would you like me? (guys only)
well take it and find out.

1. I die my hair a lot... i get bored when i have the same color for long, would that bother you?
Um... you should stick your your reg. hair color, i get it`s beautiful
no, we all need some variety *wink wink*
YOur beatuful anyways..
2. all of my friends are guys... would this bother you?
pff,,, you would be mind forever, screw them.
I dont care.. as long as i have you (awww)
go have fun their your friends,,, i know you`ll always be mine.
NO!! i cant handle it STAY AWAY GUYS rwarrrrr
3. I take a lot of pictures of myself.. soo what do ya think?
hottsss! *ouch you burnt me* (lol)
ahhhh i could do better
awww your a sparkle :)
4. what is your idea of a perfect date?
stay in, watch a movie and cuddle :)
go the the beach
late night walks
i would go out with you
what ever you want
5. alright this quiz is done comment rate or both? (dosnt affect outcome)
depends what i get.

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Times Taken:2,568
Created on:5/7/2009 9:51:55 AM
Made by:peaches108

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