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Would I like you? (Girls only)
be honest (e)

1. if i were mad how would you calm me down?
repeat my name in my ear and say its okay
hold me and stay with me
take me somewhere secluded and talk to me
just hug & kiss
say im emo and walk away
2. if i came over your house too much and you wanted some time to yourself, how would you let me know?
hold me and tell me exactly how you feel without being to harsh or to sweet
tell me ____ off (fill in the blank)
call me over the phone and tell me
say you luv me but im crowding you and you need more space
never talk to me again
tell your parents to never let me in
3. if i had to go away for a while what would you do
cheat on me thinking i`ll never know
call/ text me frequently
dump me and say long-distance relationships dont work
ignore me
4. last one: would you try to get along with my parents?
probably not
why should i
of course
just to be nice
for you, deffinatly
5. i made you think that was the last question, but tricked you. are you mad at me?
arrggghhhhhh yes
im not saying
yes now im going to go emo
for you i would answer ten more
doesnt matter

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Created on:1/23/2008 10:11:41 AM
Made by:SEXYirishMAN

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