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life with me and link #8

1. we were in hyrule.looking for Din first.soon it was night and we took a a rest.I got sticks and made a fire,link pulled out him bow and arows and stared hunting.what did you do?
help link
make us shelters
play games on my phone
2. I cook a deer that link killed.we eat and link falls asleep.I look at him and smile.what are you doing.
looking at me
playing games on your*dies*.me:if your asking why its because i say so.
3. you soon fall asleep,i do to.the next morning You wake up and see me beside link im doing CPR.what do you do.
run up and ask whats go on
walk up and scare the living poo out of you.
run up and see that link stopped breathing,then ask if i need help.
4. you find out links not breathing.what do you do.
take over CPR saying i need a break
help me do CPR
run around panicing
start praying to the goddesses that link was ok.
5. FATE please like and comment
i will do both
i will comment on the quiz but not like
i will like the quiz but not comment

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Created on:4/17/2017 12:44:24 PM
Made by:EllieSaul

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