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Let`s play Ispy!
I challenge thee to ispy!

1. I spy something green.
A green string
A leaf
A green shirt
A green hat
A green car
A green fish
Somebody`s eyes
Somebody`s dyed hair
2. I spy something blue.
A blue shirt
The sky
A blue surfboard
A blue shoe
A blue ball
Blue paint
The ocean
A blueberry
A blue towel
3. I spy something big.
The sky
A giant tennis ball
A Tv
A skyscraper
A giraffe
An elephant
A rhino
Big foot
A dragon
An old phone
4. I spy something tiny.
An ant
A molecule
A drop of water
A baby
A kitten
Doll`s clothing
A very tiny shoe
The One Ring of Power
An atom
My fingernail
5. I spy something slow.
A turtle
Gary the snail
A slug
Yourself (Hey!)
An old man
An old lady
A kid in slow motion
A fish with one fin

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Times Taken:5,316
Created on:8/4/2011 7:23:23 PM
Made by:caliongo19

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