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.Let Me Guess your age

1. Are you finished with school?
I dropped out this year
I just started school
2. Do you know what an exponent is?
A what?
Yes, we just learned about those.
I learned about them before but I can`t remember.
3. Are you allowed to legally drink?
On New Year`s my parents let me
4. Are you allowed to use the stove?
NO! I`d burn myself
Yeah..I cook myself meals on it.
Sometimes...if my parents are watching.
5. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
Ewww! Boys(or girls) have cooties!
A lot
I`m married
6. Who dresses you?
My mommy(or daddy)
I do
7. Do you have a job?
I babysit
My job is to do what my mommy and daddy tell me
8. Comment on this quiz..okay?
I don`t have to! Your not the boss of me!
Okay..i guess
No i`d rather not.

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Times Taken:9,026
Created on:4/21/2008 10:58:57 AM
Made by:lovepeaches

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