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What Kind of Lazy are You?
The classic couch potato? The sleepyhead? Find out what type of lazy you are by taking this quiz!

1. You are sitting on the couch, two ft away from the remote control. The TV is off. You:
Don`t do anything.
Ask someone else to turn it on.
Do something else. You don`t like the shows currently on anyway.
Give yourself a reason why you shouldn`t reach for the remote.
Stretch and stretch and see if you can reach the remote from your currrent position.
Grab the remote. It`s only two ft. away.
2. Your boss/teacher leans over you and asks, where`s your papers?
"What papers?"
"Hold on, my friend is on her way to drop it off."
"I didn`t really feel like it."
"I, I, was.............. at a meeting!.....uh yeah!"
"I did some of the work..."
"Here you go!"
3. Your typical quality is:
Watching TV.....all day
Letting others complete my work.
Doing whatever pleases me.
Giving out excuses.
Doing work but not caring at the same time.
Trying my best and doing my work.
4. You recieve an assignment, you:
Watch TV.
Ask your friend to do it, you have the money ready.
Do it when, IF you get around to it.
Don`t do it and make the best excuse you possibly can.
Do it if you`re in a good mood, rest if you`re not.
Do the assingment.
5. It`s nighttime. Your roomate is asleep. The huge lamp is on. You:
Go to sleep, you can handle the light.
Wake her/him up and ask for he/she to turn the light off.
Sleep in another room. You don`t feel like sleeping with the light on.
Break the switch with your fist. When your roomate wakes up, give a detatailed explanation.
Turn it off if you`re not that tired, leave it on if you are.
Turn it off. It`s just a huge lamp.
6. You are in bed. The alarm goes off by accident. You:
Turn it off.
Ignore it.
Turn it off when you feel like it.
When the nieghbors complain, give the best excuse you can.
Try a few swipes at it while you`re still half asleep.
Wait for your roomate to turn it off.
7. Do you think you`re lazy?
Yeah, but other people fix my problems for me!
Only when I want to be.
Yes, but I have good excuses for my laziness.

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Created on:6/10/2008 4:04:06 PM
Made by:shayminluver

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