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Which lamp shade are you?
Retarded much, but cool, Which lamp shade are you???

1. Do you like lampshades?
Yes I love them!
They are okay.
Well of Course!!!!!!
No I like darkness.......
2. What is your favorite color?
Red, White
brown, black
Blue, Green, Purple
Black, just black...
3. Do you like bright rooms?
Yes but not too bright
Normal Brightness
Yeah . Spotlights, Flourescents!
No light at all....
4. What lamp shade would you prefer?
Bright colored ones!
Brown ones with Frill at the end
new ones, In style ones.
Black ones, torn ones.
5. Do you like the quiz, Yes it is random but awesome! haha
Yes loved it!
No hated it!
6. Please rate and comment. Will you rate/comment?
Don`t know

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,440
Created on:7/31/2008 2:47:16 AM
Made by:pickleswiss

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