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How well do you know warriors?
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1. Fill in the blank: You cannot live with *blank*.
a kittypet in the Clan
No leader
A paw in each world
2. What is Tigerstars` famous words?
Keep your ears pricked, kittypet. Keep your paws moving, Because one day, I will find you,
Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Because one day, I will find you.
You kittypet fool. Keep your ears perked, or else, you`ll be nothing more than Crowfood.
None of the above
3. (EASY) How does Silverstream die.
She was hit by a monster
She was attacked my a rougue
She died while kitting
She ate deathberries
She died of old age
4. What is a correct Warriors` name?
5. What is the `New prochecy?`
Fire and water will mix, and cats will see their deaths.
Blood will run thick, and rain will wash away all tears.
Fire alone can save our Clan
The forest will darken, and cats will see the end.
6. What was Firehearts kittypet name?

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Created on:8/15/2016 12:46:35 PM
Made by:DawnfireCat

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