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how well do you know the twilight saga? Part 2

1. What was the first AGREEMENT between the Cullens and Bella, about her being changed?
Alice will do it
Carlisle will do it
2. Who could affect Bella with their powers?
3. True or false? Bella found a way to let Edward read her mind after she was changed.
True,her mind blocked him
False,he already could
4. Finish this line. “It would be as if____________”
You felt no pain…
Alice could not see the future…
I didn’t exist…
Carlisle did not change me…
5. Edward compares Bella and him to a ______ and a ________.
Bear and a Fish
Lion and a Lamb
Werewolf and a Vampire
Good Guy and a Villain
6. If Jacob couldn’t imprint Bella, why was he so drawn to her?
He had to imprint her daughter, Renesmee
He thought she was cool
He wanted to get closer to Edward
He wanted to know more about the Cullens
7. Who is Renesemee?
Bella`s mom
Bella`s daughter
Bella`s grandma
Bella`s friend
Edward`s mom
8. What color is Bella`s 1)graduation dress and 2)gown

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