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How well do you know Sonic?
Not including stuff in comics. Enjoy the quiz :)

1. Who has a crush on Sonic?
Amy Rose
Blaze the Cat, really? Are you sure?
Shadow the hedgehog, Lol hahahaha, no seriously.
Tails, the strange fox....No...
Dr,Eggman, bwahahahahaha
2. Who is Sonic`s best friend?
Me, oh you know I am, don`t you dare lie!
Amy Rose
Shadow, the roosterroach, remember? Kidding I like Shadow.
He has no friends.
3. What power did Sonic copy from Shadow?
Chaos Blast
Chaos Spear
Cockroach power
Chaos roosterroach
Chaos Control
Sonic does not copy!!!!
4. What is Sonic`s real name?
Shadow, Lol hahahahaha
Tails, hehehehehe
Cockroach, bwahahahaha
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sir Sonic Senior Sock
5. What can Sonic do with Chaos Emeralds?
Turn into Shadow
Turn into a roosterroach
Super Sonic
Super Shadow
Kill Cosmo, yes he can but not right answer.
6. Does Sonic love Amy?
Lol dancing Sonic banana.
Peanut butter jelly time!!!
No way!
Yes aww they are so cute together.
No but he loves Shadow, lol joking.
7. Which one is Sonic`s chao?
Angel Chao
Devil Chao
Sonic doesn`t have a Chao, if he did it would be Angel.
Yes? No? I don`t know !?!
Trick question
Shadow has Devil Chao
8. Does Sonic like you?
Lol, he is with Dr,Eggman, hahahaha
He doesn`t even know you
No, but Shadow does.
9. Does Sonic have a dark side?
No, he`s an Angel, awwwww.
Yes, when battling the meterax.
Yes? No? Maybe?
I won`t tell you!
You are confusing him with Shadow.
10. Who are Sonic`s allies?
Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chris, Cream, Shadow when he feels like it.
Team Sonic
Everyone he`s ever met
Shadow, the roosterroach
Shadow the Hedgehog
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Created on:7/27/2008 10:29:59 AM
Made by:mimzy13

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