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How well do you know "Shiny" from Moana

1. Fill in the blank: "Little Maui`s having trouble with his look, you little ______"
Mini-semi-demi god
Demi-semi-mini god
Semi-demi-mini god
Demi god
Semi-demi god
2. Fill in the blank: "watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough, strut my stuff, _____"
My shell is so shiny
My life is so shiny
My stuff is so shiny
-just goes to the chorus-
3. Who sings the song?
4. Fill in the blank: "Soak it in `cause it`s the last you`ll ever see, ______"
Got that, Maui?
Cei la vi mon ami
Look into it deep
C`est la vie mon ami
5. What does "c`est la vie mon ami" mean (DONT CHEAT)
It`s life, my friend
That is life, pal
That`s life, my friend
For once the villain wins
Time for my meal
6. Fill in the blank "but you can`t expect a demi-god _____"
To beat a crustation
To beat Tamatoa
To beat a decipod
To beat a decapod
7. When Tamatoa is singing "you will die, die, die" he is using Maui (while he is one his hook) as a _______
Drum set
He is just shaking around
8. What colour does Tamatoa`s shell turn when the lights go out
Dark blue
Bright red
Foggy yellow
Light blue

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Created on:2/12/2017 1:03:11 AM
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