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How well do you know the second Twilight book, New Moon?

1. in the begginning of the book what does Bella dream about?
Her grandma
Herself as her grandma
Edward `s birthday
going out with Jasper
Eating a packet of crisps
Skipping school
James coming after her
2. what does Jasper try to do to Bella on her birthday?
Kiss her
Kill her
Run off with her
Eat her
Turn her into a vampire
3. Who finds Bella in the forest after the Cullens leave?
Jacob Black
Charlie Swan
Sam Uley
Angela Weber
4. what are Jacob Blacks 2 best friends called?
Charlie and Renee
Sam and Billy
Quil and Embry
Edward and Emmett
Laurent and Victoria
5. where does Jacob Black live?
La Push
New York
6. When does Bella first start hearing Edwards voice in her head?
In Port Angeles
Riding motorbikes with Jacob
Cliff diving
Watching horror movies
Chasing a lion
7. What does Jacob do the night he turns into a werewolf?
Watches a horror movie
Go clubbing
Take Bella to dinner
Go to bed
Play Monopoly with his friends
8. what has Jacob done to his hair after he was changed into a werewolf?
Put it into dreadlocks
Cropped it short
Grown it out
Shaved it all off
9. Why does Alice come back to see Bella?
To tell her that they are all returning
To tell her Edward killed himself
To wish her a merry christmas
to tell her that Edward has gone to Italy to ask to be killed
To tell her that she has bought her a mars bar
Because she thinks that Bella is dead
10. what is the Italian coven of Vampires called?
the Olympic coven
the Volturri
the Denali`s
the leaders
11. what is the three leaders of the Italian coven called?
Marcus, Jane, Alec
Aro, Felix, Demetri
Caius,Cassandra, Aro
Marcus, Aro, Caius
Tanya, Irina, Benjamin
12. where does Bella bump into Edward in Italy?
The water fountain
Outside a shop
The clock tower
The middle of the square
she doesn`t
13. what is Edward`s condition for turning Bella into a Vampire?
A faster car
5 years
No werewolf friends
There is no condition

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