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How well do you know Nick Jonas  quiz. Do you think you know Nick Jonas  Well  lets see how much    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How well do you know Nick Jonas?
Do you think you know Nick Jonas? Well, lets see how much. (e)

1. What is Nick`s full name?
Nick Adam Jonas
Nicholas Adam Jonas
Nick Jonas
Nicholas Jonas
Nicholas Jerry Jonas
2. When was Nick born?
January 8th, 1990
September 16th, 1993
September 16th, 1992
December 15th, 1992
November 5th, 1990
3. How many brothers does he have, and what are their names?
1, Kevin
2, Kevin and Joe
2, Kevin and Frankie
3, Kevin, Joe, Frankie
3, Kevin, Nick, Joe
4. What is Nick`s favourite food?
5. Where was Nick Jonas noticed?
Barber Shop
Basketball Game
His House
6. Who was Nick and his brothers on tour with?
Miley Cyrus
Kelly Clarkson
Jordan Pruit
No one
Britney Spears
7. What`s Nick`s favourite holiday?
Family Day
8. Where was he born?
Toronto, Canada
Times Square, New York
Dallas, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Casa Grande, Arizona
9. What`s the show that him and his brothers are starring in this summer?
Camp Rock
Hannah Montana
Life With Derek
American Idol
10. What instruments does Nick play?
Piano, Tamborine, Guitar
Guitar, Drums, Piano
Tamborine, Drums
Drums, Piano, Violin
Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

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