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How well do you know my favourite songs  quiz.  Avril Lavigne haters beware  don t take this quiz if you hate Avril   Someone else did a quiz similar  so that s where I got the idea  LOL I just thought it d be fun to have a try at this sort of quiz myself     yay    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How well do you know my favourite songs?
(Avril Lavigne haters beware: don't take this quiz if you hate Avril) Someone else did a quiz similar, so that's where I got the idea. LOL I just thought it'd be fun to have a try at this sort of quiz myself....*yay* (e)

1. Hey, hey , you, you...
Get off of my cloud LOL
....hmmmmm..wait I know it`s gone...
2. He was a boy and she was a...
3. Made my money by cutting grass...
then I`d empty the lawn mower....
Got fired by some jerk
Got fired by fried chicken ass
4. To try and touch the sun
My fingers burning
And then I fall down
But reach the moon instead
5. You know I`m not gonna cry
when I fall and hurt myself
about some stupid guy
Say goodbye
6. Send your picture to a magazine
Is that what you always wanted to be
The page is not true, photography
Then recieve a paycheck....
7. Do you expect me to believe
In all those crazy scemes
what I don`t want to believe
I was the only one to fall
8. I`d throw it all away before I lie
So don`t call me with a compromise
So don`t believe everything I say
La la la la la la
9. Maybe you should stop talking for a second
so that we can work this out together
What the hell were you saying?
Shut up, listen to me
10. Ok, now for some Greenday lyrics!
oh..*sobs* no more Avril
It`s ok, Greenday is Avril`s favourite band...or at leatsit was until she married Sum41 singer Deryk
11. Don`t want to be an....
American idiot!
Australian Idiot!
Austrian Idiot!
12. She...she screams in silence
A sullen riot penetrating through her mind
a sudden riot penetrating to her mind
So she lies in bed waiting for a sign....
13. Do you have the time, to listen to me whine....
NO! I don`t have the time....
About everything and nothing all at once
About nothing and everything all at once
14. She`s a rebel
She`s got grace
She`s lead paint
She`s a loser
She`s a saint
15. for some All American rejects
oh..another cahnge of artist..just as I was getting into Greenday *sigh*
When will it end! Is there no justice?
16. Please just don`t play with me
My little heart will bleed
My paper heart will bleed
My little seed won`t bloom
17. This may be the last thing that I write for long
Can you hear me smiling when I sing this song
Thank God!
So I need you to listen to my words
18. What can I do? I cannot breathe
I lye on the floor, for you all to see
Ha ha ha..good...keep it that way
My heart is torn for all to see
19. ok...last topic...we have The Plain White T`s!
YES! I looo000ooove The Plain White T`s!
Stoopid quiz...still going....grrrrrowlll
20. If you think it`s possible then anything is possible
But I think you`re impossible
Then of corse it is impossible
I hope you prove me wrong
You`re impossible!
21. Hate is a strong word
But I really, really, really don`t like you
So I really, really, really won`t use it
But that`s how I feel right now
I hate this quiz
22. Say goodbye to everything and everyone I know
Gotta go and leave this town, all it does is bring me down
So that I can hit the road
Find a way to disappear
23. I know a place that we can go to
Where they won`t know who we are
A place that I used to go to, follow to find out
A place where no one knows you
Good, hurry up and leave!
24. Last question, this one`s not lyrics...who sang the song "It`s Not A Fashion Statement, It`s A Deathwish"?
I don`t know or care..i`m just happy that the quiz is over....
Funeral for a friend
Wh yis there a picture of a cat?

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Created on:9/18/2007 12:21:03 AM
Made by:michigoth

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