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How Well Do You Know My Favorite Character In Warriors  quiz. This is a quiz on how well you know my favorite character from Warrior Cats  If you get all of them right  great Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How Well Do You Know My Favorite Character In Warriors?
This is a quiz on how well you know my favorite character from Warrior Cats. If you get all of them right, great!

1. What is my favorite character`s name?
2. What gender is my favorite character?
No one knows
I need to...know...
Gah, please tell me!
What are you talking about?
3. What does he/she look like?
Pure black with green eyes
Dark brown tabby with amber eyes
Black with one white paw and blue eyes
Gray-and-white with blue eyes
Gray with blue eyes
Lighter brown tabby with amber eyes
Flame-colored with green eyes
Gray with yellow eyes
Brown with amber eyes
Black with a white tail-tip, a dash of white on chest, and amber eyes
4. What was his/her kittypet name, if there was one?
There was none for Hollyleaf
Yuck! Tigerstar HATES kittypets!
Ivypool was never a kittypet...
Dovewing was never a kittypet...
Bramblestar was never a kittypet.
None...Yellowfang was ShadowClan, and then ThunderClan
Jessy. Same name.
None for Ravenpaw
5. Who killed my favorite character, if they`re dead?
Hawkfrost D:<
Scourge D:<
Firestar D:<
Ivypool never died...Hollyleaf saved her :D
Dovewing never died..
Bramblestar is still alive..
Tigerstar + wounds D:<
Fire killed her D:<
Jessy is alive, thank StarClan.
No one knows how Ravenpaw died D`:
6. What clan is he/she in? StarClan D`:
ThunderClan, to ShadowClan, to The Dark Forest.
From a kittypet to BloodClan.
ThunderClan. Ivypool is ThunderClan.
ThunderClan for Dovewing!
ThunderClan...still...he wasn`t mouse-brained enough to join Tigerstar!
ThunderClan to StarClan. Screw Tigerstar!
ShadowClan to ThunderClan to StarClan.
Kittypet to ThunderClan to maybe a kittypet again..
ThunderClan to loner to StarClan D:
7. Accesories or special markings?
None. Pure black. No kittypet things.
The star in his fur, marking that he`s a leader.
One white paw and purple dog-tooth collar
None. None for Ivypool.
None for Dovewing
The star on Bramblestar :P
The star on Firestar :P
None on Yellowfang.
Jessy has a purple collar.
The dash of white on his chest, and his white tail-tip.
8. How many siblings?
Two. Lionblaze and Jayfeather.
Two, Nightkit and Mistkit, in StarClan.
Two, stupid, practically evil, siblings...I HATE SOCKS AND RUBY!!!
One, Dovewing.
One, Ivypool.
Two half-brothers, Hawkfrost and Tadpole, one sister, Tawnypelt, and one half-sister, Mothwing.
One half-brother, Scourge, and one known sister, Princess.
Rowanberry, Marigoldkit (R.I.P. :c), Nutwhisker, Mintkit (R.I.P. :c)
No siblings
Dustpelt, Brindleface, Frostfur, and one half-brother, Longtail.
9. Friends or followers?
Her friends are mainly only Lionblaze and Jayfeather...she`s mad at Leafpool, but is her friend :D
His followers consist of Darkstripe, Blackfoot, and mostly all of TigerClan. Friends? Forget them!
Her friend is Dovewing.
Bumblestripe, Ivypool, Tigerheart.
His followers are all of ThunderClan, and he has a lot of friends.
For Firestar, it`s basically the same as Bramblestar.
Cinderpelt could be considered a follower...Yellowfang has a few friends.
Bramblestar is one of Jessy`s friends. She has no followers..
Ravenpaw`s best friends are Barley, Firestar, and Graystripe.
10. Parents? Or known parent?
Hollyleaf: Leafpool and Crowfeather
Tigerstar: Leopardfoot and Pinestar
Scourge: Quince and Jake
Ivypool: Whitewing and Birchfall (Myth: Ashfur)
Dovewing: Whitewing and Birchfall (Myth: Ashfur)
Bramblestar: Goldenflower and Tigerstar
Firestar: Nutmeg and Jake
Yellowfang: Brightflower and Brackenfoot
Jessy: "Unnamed she-cat" and Unknown
Ravenpaw: Robinwing and Fuzzypelt
11. Mate(s)?
None for Hollyleaf.
Tigerstar had two mates: Goldenflower and Sasha.
Scourge has no mate!
Ivypool, none
Dovewing, Bumblestripe
Bramblestar, Squirrelflight
Firestar, Sandstorm
Yellowfang, Raggedstar
Jessy, none
Ravenpaw, none. (Heheheh, me, heheheh...)
12. Kit(s)?
None! Hollyleaf doesn`t even have a mate.
Sons: Hawkfrost, Tadpole, Bramblestar. Daughters: Mothwing, Tawnypelt.
None..Scourge is single.
Ivypool has no kits.
Dovewing has a mate, but no kits
None. His mate is Squirrelflight. But none.
Leafpool and Squirrelflight.
Brokenstar. EVIL...
None..Jessy is single as well.
None. Ravenpaw is also single!
13. How many cats has he/she killed?
One. Ashfur.
Oh, the long, long list...
Two, from what I know.
None. Ivypool isn`t a killer!
None, Dovewing follows the Warrior Code.
None for Bramblestar.
Firestar killed...Scourge, Tigerstar (In the Great Battle) and I think others.
Yellowfang had to kill her own son :c other than that, no one.
Jessy has killed no one!
Ravenpaw has killed no one!
14. What is the book, if there is one, written about my favorite character?
Hollyleaf`s Story
Tigerclaw`s Fury
The Rise Of Scourge (Manga)
None :c Why is there no book about Ivypool?!?!
Dovewing`s Silence
Bramblestar`s Storm
Firestar`s Quest
Yellowfang`s Secret
None :c Jessy has no book :c
Ravenpaw`s Path: Shattered Peace, A Clan In Need, The Heart Of A Warrior. So good he needs three! :D
15. What is the personality of him/her?
Hollyleaf is mysterious, but can be friendly and open to her brothers.
Tigerstar is power-hungry, and will do anything to be leader (As known, in his story...) He so epic!
Scourge is considered cold, unfriendly, and evil. But really, all he wanted was the forest.
Ivypool`s great. She`s loyal to ThunderClan, even with her secret. Hollyleaf saved her! YAY! :`D :`D
Dovewing feels blind and deaf without her power, I feel bad for her. But still, she`s a good cat! :D
Bramblestar feels like he should be Firestar, but really, he`s his own self, and he should be proud.
Firestar is VERY loyal to his Clan, and that led him into a lot of things that he still got past. :D
Yellowfang is a good mother, and I think she`s amazing for the fact that she could kill her own son.
Jessy is hardworking and learns fast, and also trusts others fast. I hope she stays in ThunderClan!
Ravenpaw was timid and shy because of his mentor, who wanted to kill him because he knew too much...
16. An interesting fact about him/her is...
When the tunnel collapsed, Hollyleaf didn`t die, but she lived in the tunnels for a while.
Four cats loved Tigerstar: Darkstripe, Leopardstar, Goldenflower, and Sasha. WOW! Ew...Darkstripe?!?
Scourge only killed Tigerstar because Tigerpaw almost killed him as a kit.
Ivypool trained in the Dark Forest, but turned back to ThunderClan`s side in the Great Battle. YAYZ!
Dovewing`s power was being able to hear and see things from almost any distance. Her power is lost!
Bramblestar feels that he should do everything Firestar would have. He should just be himself...
Firestar`s nephew is Cloudtail.
Yellowfang had three kits, two died. Her punishment was actually that one kit survived! Brokenstar..
Jessy was first seen trying to help Frankie out of a Twoleg den. Bramblestar saved Frankie.
Ravenpaw saw what happened at Sunningrocks: Redtail killed Oakheart, Tigerclaw killed Redtail.

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