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How well do you know My Chemical Romance? quiz. Suiyay!

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How well do you know My Chemical Romance?
Suiyay! (e)

1. Who is the lead singer for My Chemical Romance?
Gerard Way
Frankie Lero
Bob Breyer
Joan Jett
2. Who plays drums for My Chemical Romance?
Mikey Way
Ray Toro
Bob Breyer
Arnold Schwartzzeneger
3. In What music video did Bob Breyer, Frankie Lero, and Gerard Way receive fatal injuries?
Famous Last Words
I`m Not Okay
Barbie Girl
4. What song features the lines, "And when we go, don`t blame us, we let the fire just bathe us, yeah"
Pop, Lock and Drop It
Welcome to the Black Parade
5. Which member of the band is the shortest?
Frankie Lero
Ray Toro
Bob Breyer
Mikey Way
Gerard Way
6. What inspired Gerard and Mikey Way to start a band?
Mikey was in the hospital
One of their friends was dying
The 9/11 attacks
The invasion of Iraq
7. Is Gerard Way gay?
.........Gay? Whats Gay?????

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Created on:6/30/2007 11:30:26 AM
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