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How Well Do You Know Minecraft?
How well do you know minecraft?

1. How do you trade with villagers?
I shout at them until they trade!
You focus your mouse/finger on the screen and click the trade button.
You wave pork chops or paper or other stuff in front of the villagers faces and they will trade.
I hit them until the villagers will trade!
I don`t trade. I get all of their stuff for free. #EvilStealer
I give them cookies!
2. What`s the best way to collect gunpowder?
Making a creeper explode, but don`t hurt yourself. Or finding a chest with stuff in.
What`s this "gunpowder"?
Finding the rare Gunpowder Hill!
Finding TNT then taking the TNT apart.
Ordering a mob to give me gunpowder
3. How do yo get leather and wool?
Kill a horse, cow, and sheep. Or shear a sheep.
Get a hide and turn it into leather.
Start a leather farm.
Find a leather in a hole in the ground.
4. You do you kill enderman?
I slash at them!
I don`t look at them in the eye and I throw water on them and slash their feet.
I look at the enderman in the eye and using a hoe, I kill!
I throw lava on them.
I use my super fast speed skills and I juke the enderman!
I gulp, with shaky hands I grab the sword, I do a feeble swing at the enderman, and I run away.
5. How do you craft?
You find a Crafty Gem.
You get supplies and get a crafting table and them you craft...
You mash stuff together to get stuff.
I don`t care!

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