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How well do you know Minecraft?
Do you know Minecraft? Hmm.. Let's check ;)

1. How many bosses are there (without installing mods) ?
What are bosses?
2. What was the Creeper supposed to look like?
A cow
The way it looks now
A pig
It was supposed to look ugly
Like TNT
3. What are the graphics?
Like real life
What does graphics mean?
4. Who are the two creators of the game?
Noops, and Jabds
Notch, and Herobrine
Natch, and Jake
Notch, and Jeb
How will I know until the credits of the game roll?!
5. When do the credits roll?
After the game ends. DUH
The game dosen`t end, so i guess there`s a cheat?
After you kill the enderdragon.
They don`t / there aren`t any.
6. What is the goal of the game?
To have 100 worlds
To have 5 servers
To kill 1 of everything
To have one of everything in the game
That`s your choice
To download 5 mods or texture packs
To die. Over, and over again.
7. Witch one of these dosen`t belong in minecraft?
Natural lava falls
Natural sand floating
Caves and ravines
8. True or false? You can tame Wolves and Ocelots if they are tamed to a different players.
9. What are mobs?
Living things. some things peaceful, some hostile. The peaceful ones quite important.
Only the hostile things, such as Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Slimes, etc.
Only the Peaceful things. such as cows, chickens, pigs, etc.
10. How popular is Minecraft?
Very! Probably why I`ve heard about it all the time!
Not too much. Some of my friends haven`t heard of it.
Never, ever heard of it. So definetly not.

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Created on:8/20/2015 11:12:16 AM
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