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How well do you the know the HSM2 songs?
can you complete the lyrics?? (e)

1. Finish the line...i got to say what`s on my mine
i gotta go my own way
something about us doesnt seem right these days
i`ll miss you
what about trust?
2. Finish the line...Ice tea imported from england
lifeguards imported from spain
endless days in my chaise
i want more!!
we`re gonna relax and renew
3. what goes after??..Finally Summer is here good to be chilling out...
i dont dance
What time is it??
im off the clock the pressure`s out
cause now our time is all our own
4. Finish the line...I dont dance, i say you can
not a!!
bet on it
what am i suppose to do??
i want fabulous
5. which song is this??...and it was easy cause you see the real me as i am you understand
Work this Out
Gotta go My own Way
You are the Music in Me
6. which song is this?? not gonna stop not gonna stop till i get my shot that`s who i am that is my plan
All for one
Bet On It
I Don`t Dance
7. finish the line...everyday of our lifes,wanna find you there wanna hold on tight
gonna run while we`re young and keep the faith
this summer has just begun
i say you can
endless days in my chaise
8. which song is this??..we`re gonna have fun in the sun now that all the hard work is done
All for One
What time is it?
Bet On It
9. which song is the same but different tempo and female singer??
Gotta go my own way
You are the music in me
Work this out
10. which of these songs is a bonus track??
You are the music in me

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Created on:10/3/2007 10:16:29 PM
Made by:tutibunny

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