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How well do you know Dokuro-chan (an anime)
Lol... Just take it, Dokuro-chan lovers!

1. If she kills you, what does she say to bring you back to life?
Onlay sitay
With my powers, you LIVE!
Nothing... she just screams and your alive!
2. What does Dokuro-chan hate?
When you play a bad tune of guitar
When Sakura-kun kisses Shizuki-san
When you grab her boobs
When you change the TV channel
When you eat 3 pieces of pizza when she gets none
3. What is her sister`s age? This is her:
she is near the age of 18
about 20
she`s nine!
4. What is another thing Dokuro hates?
When you don`t play with her
When you leave her out of a club
When you back-stab her
When you kick her off the internet
When you look at her halo
5. What is Sakura-kun afraid of?
Being alone with Shizuki
Being with Konata (me: THAT`S A LUCKY STAR CHARACTER!)
Umm... Dokuro-chan and her weapon.
Seeing girls nude
6. How does Dokuro`s hair change between the first and second season?
First season: Light purple Second: lime green
First: Blue Second: Pink
First: Light blue Second:Light purple
First: Light purple Second: Light blue
It doesn`t change...
7. Sorry if it was SO short, last Q: Why is Dokuro-chan and Sabato-chan there with Sakura-kun?
They love him
In the future, Sakura-kun will make a device that makes women stop growing at the age of 12
In the future, Sakura will start large wars in the world
They hate his living guts
They wanna try spells out on Sakura

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Created on:2/27/2010 10:59:03 AM
Made by:xLuckyStarx

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