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How well do you know your crush?
Basic quiz on how well you know/Don't know your bae!

1. What eye color do they have?
Blue or Green
Hazel or Brown
Other (Grey, multicolor, etc)
I have no idea :/
I`m not sure.. D:
2. Do you know their hair color, at least?
Well duh!! I stare ALL the time!
No... I have only heard about the person..
3. Do they have any siblings?
Yep! :D
Nope :D
4. Do you know who their best friend is?
Not really..
Notta clue..
5. Do you know how tall they are/ Their weight?
Yep! Both :D
Only one..
Yeah, he/she is the same height/weight as me!!
6. This is my first quiz. Did you like it? (Has no effect :D)
Yess!! You should make more!
Not really, sorry!
Kinda. Keep up the effort, though! :3

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Times Taken:450
Created on:2/16/2018 3:20:20 PM
Made by:alisa181951

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