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How well do you know cheerleading? quiz. Lets see if you know your stuff

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How well do you know cheerleading?
Lets see if you know your stuff (e)

1. What does NCA stand for
National Cheerleading Association
National Cheerleaders Association
National Cheerleading All-stars
National Cheerleading Arena
Who Cares
What is NCA
2. Who supports the flyer at the ankles and keeps feet on the ground at all times?
The bases
The backspot
The front spot
The coach
The captain
3. Who are the bases?
The girl that stands in the back
The girl holding the flyers feet
The girl making sure the flyer doesnt fall on her face.
4. What is the first step in "Making the Squad"?
Try-outs duh!!!
Educating your-self
making nice with current cheerleders after all they hold your future in their hot little hands
5. What is "Hell Week?"
First week of football
Cheer camp
First week after making the squads... Proving yourself
6. What does a cheerleading motion mean?
How you move your body
arm and hand placement
the way the squad stands together
7. What is a facial?
A thing you get at a spa
Expressions you make durnig a prefomance
Making kissy faces at your BF
SOmething you do at sleepovers who doesnt know that
8. If a stunt falls the bottom girls should try to catch...
flyers Head Neck and shoulders
Flyers legs
Flyers waist
Flyers arms
9. Cheerleading takes....
Looks and smarts
Strength stamina and flexibility
attitude and beauty
Fitness and dance skills
10. Is cheerleading international?
11. What is a chant?
WHat cheerleaders do on the side lines
when cheerleaders yell to the football players
a short repetitive cheer
12. what does dismount mean?
Getting the flyer out of a stunt
getting off of a horse
a complicated jump
13. What is a transition?
Moving from one formation to another
A jump
A stunt
A group of girls going into the air
14. How many "Bring It On" movies are there?

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