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How Well Do You Know BOTDF Songs?
Finish the lyrics to the song.

1. Song: S my D: Stop, drop make it roll, turn around...
Break it down.
What the hell?
Touch the ground.
2. Song: Scream For My Ice-Cream: I gotta monster in my pants and if I ever get the chance.......
Gonna cram it down your throat watch you gasp for air and choke.
I`m gonna jizzle in your face, I`m gonna wreck this drating place.
Gonna pop it out, then gonna shove it in your mouth.
3. Song: Bitches Get Stitches: Save the drama for your mama what`s up with that aweful gossip............
Party hardy, grab Baccardi talk your poo watch you get hit.
Stop the hate congradulate you know my name so eat some cake.
Don`t be mad `cause my hair is so rad, life is good up in my hood.
4. Song: Ima Monster: Can`t stop the tickles, they call me Dr. Giggles........
It`s o-o-off the chizzle fo shizzle dizzle
I`m bangin` with the B-O-T-O dizzle with ripples, cause I dribble like i`m rubbin` on nipples.
Gotta get out the pickle, let it rain with the ripple let my candy rum trickle.
5. Song: S my D: S my D, pop it out like lipstick........
razor sharp eyelashes now my fashion just thrashes in deathstar black.
I am a pretty little girl pop it out like lipstick.
If I get your kiss I`m another to the list lets take this slow don`t wanna be a hoe.
6. Song: Scream For My Ice-Cream: Scream for my ice-cream....
Show me all your fantasies.
Tell me all your dirty dreams.
Oh-oh-oh she lick me like ice-cream.
7. Song: Bitches Get Stitches: Bitches get stitches.......
End up in ditches get the riches.
check yourself before you wreck yourself, oh my gahd blah,blah,blah.
I`m rated X for explicit sex.
8. Song: Ima Monster: Chop, chop, chop you up ima monster hahaha............
Eat you like a cannibol, spit you out like an animal.
Cut you up I`ll slice and dice, serve you up as cold as ice.
Slice you up with my knife, eat you as is, cold as ice.

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