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How well do you know your animal facts?
Bleh... i must have a stupid decription... :P

1. How long does a foal stay with its mother?
1 day
2 days
2 years
7 weeks
2. How many cubs with a leopard have in 1 litter?
1,000 cubs
2-3 cubs
5,0000000 cubs
1 cub
3. How many wolves are in 1 pack?
2 wolves
10-15 wolves
1,0000 wolves
1 wolf
4. What does the Cougar usually hunt?
moose and deer
arctic hare
human flesh...
jack rabbits and coyotes
5. Sorry, i know its short, but what outcome do you think you will get?
Ill fail... :-(
I think ill get it right! :-)

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Created on:9/12/2011 6:20:48 PM
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