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How well do you know Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown?
Take this quiz only if you've read the book.

1. Here are some easy questions- What is the name of the Harvard Symbologist?
Robert Langdon
Raphel Santi
Leonardo Vetra
Max Kohler
2. What is the name of the Cern physicist who designed the antimatter container?
Leonardo Vetra
Vittoria Vetra
Max Kohler
3. Now some harder questions- Where was the first alter of science?
Santa Maria del Popolo (Chigi Chapel)
St. Peter`s Square (West Ponte)
Santa Maria della Vittoria (the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa)
Piazza Navona (the Fountian of Four Rivers)
4. Where was the antimatter container located?
The Sistine Chapel
In Saint Peter`s Tomb
The Vatican Arcives
Hotel Bernini
5. Who put it there?
Robert Langdon
Vittoria Vetra
The Camerlengo
Max Kohler
6. Another easy one- In what city does this story take place (most of it)
7. What is this picture the Illuminati ambigram of?
8. What is this called?
Random Gibberish
The Illuminati Diamond
The Holy See
The Great Seal
9. This should be really easy since I`ve mentioned the name before- What is the name of the secret society?
The Knights Templar
The Masonic Brotherhood
The Illuminati
The Papal Conclave
10. Final Question. What other novel by Dan Brown is this the prequel to?
Deception Point
Digital Fortress
Angels and Demons (me- Just leave...)
The Da Vinci Code

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