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How well do you know ancient Greece?
Now this is not as hard.

1. When were the first Olympic games held?
342 B.C.
776 B.C.
442 B.C
2. When did the Archaic Period start?
550 B.C
350 B.C.
800 B.C.
Never happened
3. When was the classic period?
300-250 BC
1900-1250 BC
450-300 BC
never happened
4. When did the Peloponnesian wars begin?
622 BC
431 BC
538 BC
never happened
5. When did the dark ages of Greece end?
700 B.C
500 B.C
1000 B.C
hasn`t ended yet.
6. When did the Trojan war begin approxamitaly?
3000 BC
7000 BC
1000 BC
You know that is just a myth don`t you?
7. When did the golden age in Athens Begin?
457 BC
342 BC
475 BC
674 BC
8. What is the golden age of Athens?
When the Greeks discovered gold
When the gods proved they were real
When it started to rain gold
none of the above.
9. What Greek god was teh Parthenon built for?
10. Are the Greek gods real?
They used to exist, but they died out
What Greek gods?

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