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Are you a klutz  quiz. Some people are clumsy  Others are real klutzes  Others are graceful  And some are in between  Find out what you are with this quiz  P S  There is nothing wrong with being a klutz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a klutz?
Some people are clumsy. Others are real klutzes. Others are graceful. And some are in between. Find out what you are with this quiz. P.S. There is nothing wrong with being a klutz!

1. You want to take a book out of the bookshelf at the library. What happens?
The book falls to the ground, and as you go to pick it up 35 more books fall on your head.
One other book falls, and it takes you at least 5 trys to put it back.
You take the book off the shelf.
You grab the book and gracefully stroll over to check it out.
2. You have to dive off the high dive. What happens?
You do a belly flop that leaves you with black and blue marks and a bloody nose.
You belly flop. Ouch!
You dive into the water.
You do a fancy trick dive and hit the water like a knife.
3. You get a job at the grocery store putting eggs in a fridge. What happens?
You trip and land head first in the fridge. Yuck!
One egg carton slips from your hand… and lands on your boss.
You put the eggs in the fridge.
You perfectly arrange the eggs.
4. You have to wear high heels to a dance. What happens?
You can`t even make it out the door.
You have so much trouble dancing, you eventually give up.
You dance in the high heels.
You gracfully claim the dance floor with your skills.
You are a boy. (This won`t affect your score.)
5. You have to carry an expensive lamp 4 blocks. What happens?
You trip over your own feet, and the lamp shatters in front of you.
You drop the lamp, and some pieces chip off.
You carry the lamp 4 blocks.
You dance the lamp all the way there.
6. You have to walk up the stairs. What happens?
You fall UP the stairs. (Yes, I meant up, only a klutz knows what this means.)
You trip and fall backwards down the stairs.
You walk up the stairs.
You dance up the stairs without even grabbing the handrail.
7. You are at a movie with friends, and you have to carry the popcorn and sodas into the theater. What happens?
You trip and spill popcorn and soda over everyone in that aisle, and get kicked out of the movie.
You drop the popcorn upside-down.
You carry the popcorn and sodas back to your friends.
You dance back to your friends and make a show out of handing out the sodas.
8. You go to a bed and breakfast, and the house has a sliding glass door. What happens?
You hit the glass door so hard, you dent it.
You bang into the glass door.
You slide open the glass door, and walk in.
You open the glass door, and dance into the house.
9. You are walking down a crowded hallway in school, and you have a lot of books in your hands. What happens?
You slip and sprawl onto the hallway, and books go EVERYWHERE.
You drop the books.
You go to class without a problem.
You gracefully glide down the hallway.
The hallway would likley be so crowded that you couldn`t move.
10. Did you like this quiz? (Won`t affect your score.)
Not sure.
11. Will you rate or comment? (Also won`t affect your score.)
Not sure.

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