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What kind of Kitsune are you  quiz. Kistune s are magical foxes with amazing powers  granting them great strength and speed   including other abilties that make them a firm creature you don t want to mess with  They can have a number of tails  up to nine which says how wise they are  So  which kind of Kitsune are you                  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of Kitsune are you?
Kistune's are magical foxes with amazing powers, granting them great strength and speed - including other abilties that make them a firm creature you don't want to mess with. They can have a number of tails, up to nine which says how wise they are. So, which kind of Kitsune are you?

1. What`s your favourite colour?
2. What`s your personality like?
Fiery and temper-mental
Clumsy and silly
Calm and bold
Cheeky and playful
Sensible and dignifyed
Thoughtful and dreamy
Flirty and sexy
Shy and quiet
Wise and beautiful
Evil and dark
3. You see a friend being attacked, what do you do?
Hell no. *Snarls*
I`ll save you! *Trips over* Woops.
Pfft, let me handle this.
Oi, fatty! Can`t catch me!
This is not the correct way to act!
*Daydreaming* Whoa, winged frogs...
Ooh, boys fighting? Over lil` old me?
*Hides in fear*
Maybe you two can work this out in peace?
A fight? I`ll join in!
4. You find a little kitsune cub all alone, what do you do?
Demand why it`s all alone.
Trip over the cub by accident.
Calmly ask why it`s alone.
Play a sneaky prank on it.
Sternly tell the cub off for being alone.
You didn`t see it, you were daydreaming.
Find out if the cub has a hot brother/sister.
Say nothing, you`re too shy.
Adopt the little cub lovingly.
Kill the cub without mercy.
5. You see your friend crying, what do you do?
Laugh at her.
Walk into her by accident.
Try and cheer her up in a calm tone.
Try to cheer her up with jokes.
Order her to stop being so silly.
Hmm, what? I was daydreaming.
Ask her if it`s about girls/boys, is he/she cute?
Shyly groom her fur in silence.
Tell her wise words of joyful wisdom.
I have friends? I thought I killed them all?
6. You find a weak, elderly kitsune trapped in a wire fence. What do you do?
Tease the old fox.
Managed to get trapped as well.
Help him out in a relaxed way.
What you always do: tell jokes.
Tell him off for being so clumsy.
Walk past him, deep in thought.
You`re too busy flirting with another Kitsune.
Timidly try to go for help.
Help him out and heal him.
Kill him, for fun.
7. A kitsune cub starts to try and play with you, what do you do?
Shout at the annoying thing.
Hmm? What do you- *Trips over cub* Oh...
Kindly push the cub away.
Play with the cub.
Tell the cub to stop messing about.
Watch the cub in silence.
Ignore the cub and flirt with other kitsunes.
Sleep to avoid playing.
Lick the cubs until it feels sleepy.
Bite the cub angrily. Who needs to play?
8. You see a mysterious lone kitsune, what do you do?
Growl at him for being near your territory.
Say hi, like a normal person?
Smile and ask why he is here.
Try to prank him.
Tell him to stay away from this territory.
Just grin and ignore him.
Flirt with him/her.
Say nothing and hurry back to the other kitsunes.
Kindly invite him in the territory for some food.
Fight him and kill him with ease.
9. What`s your favourite thing to do?
Be with friends.
Be in charge.
Help others.
10. Do you like this quiz?
No, boring!
Of course.
I`d rather play!
I don`t care really.
It was okay I guess...
I don`t know...
Amazing, good job!
Terrible quiz!

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