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Kingdom Hearts FF  High School Life  girls only  quiz. I always wanted to write a story with those two so yeah I decided to write it  So when this         Insert your name there  Got it  Okay lets Start  Oh yeah in this story it ether u get Cloud  Reno  or Axel so choose wisely  And please balme the boxes for cutting the story short Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Kingdom Hearts/FF7 High School Life (girls only)
I always wanted to write a story with those two so yeah I decided to write it! So when this ~~~~~~~ Insert your name there. Got it? Okay lets Start! Oh yeah in this story it ether u get Cloud, Reno, or Axel so choose wisely. And please balme the boxes for cutting the story short!

1. Alright first off did you read the memo? ^^^^^^^^ (no effect) Done reading it? Yes? Lets move on then.
(Scrolls back up) uhhh yeah! (me: You cheater!)
nope (me:please do)
2. "~~~~~, Please remember to listen to Tifa, and be nice" your father said on the ride to the dock (me: is that what its called? Anyways) "Yes dad, Plus I like Tifa so i promise I`ll be good" you said with a smile. "Alright then, well were here".
( me:Darn these stupid short questions....)
(me:no effect yet so far...)
3. Your dad said looking out the window. There you see a guy with short bright red hair. "Hello Mr.~~~~~," said the red haired guy.....
I know who that is!!! ^-^ (me: good for you)
Red hair? (only two guys I know have red hair, its gotta be one of the two)
4. "Hello, you must be Reno, Tifa`s friend?" your father said shaking Reno`s hand "Yes sir, and you must be ~~~~~" "Yeah" you said taking his hand "Nice to finally meet you ~~~~~" He said smirking
He`s cute & all but whats w/ the smirk..? (me: he`s just thinking..) you: about? (me something)
ew!!! he`s a creep! (me:that`s not very nice u just met him) So!
Aww I thought it was (me:shh!!! don`t say it!) fine....
5. "Well, I better go, Can`t leave you`r mother waiting at home all day." your dad said hugging you "Bye ~~~~~, be good." "Bye dad, I love you" "Love ya to & so dose your mother" then he turned to Reno "Take care of her?" "With my life sir"..........
Awww (me:yeah that`s sweet of him right?) *sigh* Yeah.
....freaky.....(me kind is if you really look at it that way)
I still want his(me:covers you`r mouth shh!!)
6. You`r dad started walking away so you called out to him "And dad," he stopped & looked at you "please don`t worry about me" you said with a small smile. "When you say that I can`t help but worry" he said with a sad smile. You watch him drive off....
(me: *groans* dam boxes!!!!)
(no effect by the way)
7. and then he was gone..."Well we better get going before the sun`s gone" said Reno putting his arm around you. You
shurg his arm off you and give him a look(u:no thanks not interested) (me:aww give him a chance)
Do nothing (u:its kinda comferting 0//0) (me: u like him dont u?) (u:maybe)
Take his arm off of you (u:where is he?!?!) (me:wait for it!!!)
*shurg* whatever floats your boat Reno (me:u don`t mind?) (u:eh don`t care really)
8. (well whatever you picked he walked beside u) Time soon passed on the boat. "Well were here" said Reno as he helped you off the boat then looks up and says "Oh god, what is he doing here..."
OOG!!!! Who is it?!?! Is it him!?!?! (me:calm down you`ll see...Wait who?)
Great more people like him (me:you don`t even know who it is yet!)
9. You look up and see another red head just like Reno...Infact he looks alot like Reno. So you ask "Who is that?" "That is my brother..." he said giving you what looked like an upset look.
SO IT IS HIM!!!! (me:hehe yeah its him)
Brother? (me:yup) Who? (me:*sigh* you`ll see)
Reno looks cute when he`s upset ^-^
10. "AXEL!" he called out. Axel waved "Give me a min would you ~~~~? I gotta talk to him and check if Tifa`s home." Reno said looking at you "Sure" you said
EEEEKKK!!!!! (me:O-o calm down....) But its Axel!!!!
Hmm twins? (me:sorta...) both are a bit lame.. (me:if you think about it that way)
Reno don`t leave!!! (me:he`ll be back don`t worry)
Where is cloud?!?!?!?! (me:hold on!!! We aren`t even close to him yet!!!) FINE!
11. "And please mind my brother ~~~~, he can be a jerk somtimes" Reno said walking you to Axel. You nodded. "Well hello brother. I see you brought a present" Axel said looking at you.
Present? (me:he`s a staight forward kinda guy....) Came on a bit strong then (me:yeah...)
I love u!!!!! (me:*sigh*)
Reno you`r brother is hitting on me. Do something!!!
When will I see the guy that I like? (me:soon....Maybe depending how far I go with this)
Cloud!!!!! (me:CHILL!!!!)
12. Before you can say anything Reno hits him on the head. "Lay off Ax, it`s Tifa`s cousin ~~~~" Axel looked at you and said "I was only kidding" "Umm sure...?" you managed to say
That was mean Reno!! Y did u hit Axel? (Me:he just hit on u..) So?!
Haha nice Reno.
*sigh* these guys are boring me...
13. Reno left and you and Axel stayed quite but you noticed that he would look at you to just like Reno until Reno came back. "She`s home lets get going ~~~, Ill see you when I get home" he said pointing to Axel "Whatever." Axel said walking(darn boxes)
We just talked and no action!?!?!? (me:well u did just met him...)
Yay Reno`s back! (me:he said he would)
*sigh*him least I don`t have to deal with spikey here (me:u mean Ax?) *sigh* Yeah
..........(me: almost there just wait for him(cloud)) Fine...
14. away in the opposite direction. "Lets get going ~~~" Reno said taking you`r arm (like a gentleman) "Uh sure" you said hiding behind you`r hair blushing madly.
EEEK he`s touching me! *faints* (is that good or bad?) good. (me :u just fainted how can u hear me!)
*evil glare* cloud.... (me:just wait gosh!)
Axel come back!!!! (me:you`ll see him again)
Let go of me you freak!!! (me:calm down, and ur blushing so u lk it) No i don`t it was a surpising!
15. *FastForward* You see a house that you knew very well and ran to the door and knocked. "~~~~,"Tifa said opening the door "Tifa!" you said hugging her "You remember Cloud right?" she said looking over at cloud as he walked to the door.
EEEKKK!!!! CLOUD!!! <3 (me:chill....u can`t have him...) WHAT!? (that`s Tifa`s boyfriend duh!) aww..
Hey cloud, anyways where`s Reno (behind u) Ahh!! *hugs him (me:no!! not yet!*pulls u off)
I know him? (me: yup) Okay......
I miss Axel.....(me:*sigh* He`ll be back soon)
16. "Hey ~~~" said Cloud shaking ur hand "It`s been awhile" "Yeah" you said. Tifa looks at Reno with a hard look and says "You didn`t touch her did u?" "Im not like that anymore Tifa! You know that!" Reno said in a somewhat angry tone. (Dam boxes!)
*Stares at cloud* He`s so cute....(Me: Lay off ur cousin`s Boyfriend!!)
What dose he mean lk that anymore (me:u will find out later)
*raises eyebrow* okay.....I don`t wanna know....
Axel!!! (I promise he will be back!!!)
17. "Yeah right." Cloud snorted. "I swear!" Reno said shooting Cloud a look. Tifa turned to ayou and asked "~~~, did Reno touch you in anyway?" "No, just to help me on and off the boat." You lied remembering his arm around you. Reno gave a tiny smile....
He used to be a player!!?! (me:& maybe he still is..jk!) Good! he has such a cute smile ^-^
I think clouds who is a player is always a player (me:speak it sister! =p)
Clouds cute when he`s mad. (me: u won`t like it if its to u..) He won`t be mad at me (me:not yet...)
Axel!!!! (me:Chill!!!!!)
18. That soon faded when Cloud saw it. "What`s with the smirk..?..,~~~ are you lying?" Cloud said looking at you. Before you can answer Tifa said "~~~ never lies Cloud trust her," then she turns to you "I beleive her." Then back to Reno (dam boxes...)
Im only lying to protect Reno!!
Cloud I hate lying to you but I cant tell u.
Yes Cloud I lied and I didn`t do it for Reno I did it for myself
At least Axel isn`t here to be treated lk Reno
19. "Just go Reno I don`t really wanna deal with this at the moment" "Fine, later ~~~, Tifa, Cloud" Then he was gone. "Lets get you unpacked ~~~" Tifa said putting her hands on you`re shoulders "Alright.." "Good ridance" Cloud sighed. FAST FORWARD
Bye Reno I`ll miss you! (me:he`ll be back soon) Really?! (me:Yeah)
Yay Reno is gone! More time with Cloud! (me:*sigh* u don`t get it do u..?)
At least on of them is gone. (me:what`s wrong with Cloud?) Nothing he`s with Tifa thats all.
20. You look into your room and its painted (insert fav color) "Do you like it?" Tifa said with a smile "I know how much u like this color" "It feels like home.." you said with a small smile. "Get unpacked we`re gonna go somewhere" "Alright" FASTFORWARD
It dose feel lk home (me:hope u like it! cause ur gonna be there for awhile..) What? (me: nothing..)
Oh yeah no effect on any of these options....
Home....I miss it
Where are we going..? (me: u`ll see)
21. You guys were walking for awhile so you ask "Where are we going?" "Do you remember the islands?" Tifa said pionting to something in the distance. "Destiny Island?, Yeah" it took u awhile then u got it. "We`re going there!" you said with a smile.(dam)
No effect
*humms* *sigh* blame the boxes.....
22. "Yeah" said Cloud FASTFORWARD You guys are at the island and you see a girl with black hair running towards you guys "TIFA!!! CLOUD!!" "god no.." said Cloud "Oh shut it," Tifa said then turing to the balck haired girl saying "Hey Yuffie."
God no not her!!!
23. "Hey guys!, and someone I don`t know" Yuffie said looking at you. "This is ~~~, she`s my cousin and she`s staying with me for the week." (By the by its still summer and you had 2 weeks left so ur spending 1 week there) "Oh hey ~~~ Im Yuffie" (DAM!)
No effect....
dam boxes and there number of letters....
24. "Nice to meet you," then u turned to Tifa "Tifa I can go look around for a bit?" "Yeah, just don`t go to far" "Right" u walked off. *FF* ur walking and you see a girl with blonde hair sitting on the beach drawing, she looks up & see`s you and smiles
I no who that is!! (me:good for u)
Blonde hair? (me:yup, oh yeah no effect on these ether)
25. SO u smile back and sit next to her. "Im Namine" "~~~" "Nice to meet you ~~~" "Same" Then another girl but w/ red hair walks up and says "Namine have u seen Riku or Sora?" She "No Kairi" Then she glares at you saying "Who are u?" "~~~"
SORA!!! (me:sorry u won`t meet him yet) awww...
Riku!!!! (me: u won`t meet him ether, not yet anyway)
No effect on any of these....
Eww Kairi!!! (me:haha nice)
OMG its Kairi!!! (me:and ur happy about that) Yeah! (me:u won`t be 4 long...)
Namine ^-^
26. "Whatever, just get out of my way ~~~" Then she stormed off. "What`s her problem?" "Well, Kairi`s Kairi" "How do u even know someone that...mean?" "She`s my sister.." "Really?" "Yeah" Then it got an awkard silence until Namie said (DAMIT!!)
SISTER!!?!! (me:they do look alike)
I knew it!!! (me:good for u)
27. "So ~~~, how come I never met u before?" I just got here Im visiting Tifa, do u know her?" "Yeah of course." she said w/ a smile. "Tifa no`s alot of people.." u murrmer "~~~!" it was Cloud,Tifa, & Yuffie and two other people. He sounded urgent..
oh man whats goning on? (me:u`ll see...)
Am I in trouble? (me:im not saying anything..)
28. "I better go...Cloud sound serious..." u said getting up "Sounds lk it...alright see u later ~~~" she said looking at Cloud also. You run towards them and see Tifa looking almost sad lk she was holding back something.."We need 2 tell u something ~~~"
Oh man!!!
(no effects)
29. "What`s wrong?..."u dared to ask "You`re..."Tifa said then stopped midsentance, and bit her lip. YUffie was quite and so were the two other guys. THen cloud said bringing Tifa into a hug & looking at u "~~~ ur parents got in an accident..
Oh man what else happened?!?!?
*cries* Ur lying!!!!
30. "W-what.."u said holding back tears. "They got in a car accident..Both didn`t make it..." Cloud said "Im so sorry" Tifa cried. "...No," u said "NO!" you ran off in the opposite direction and didn`t stop. U could hear then calling u but u kept running
(I am sorry for those who have lost someone in an accident)
no effect on these ether
31. U soon stop as soon as u heard nothing. U stopped and sat in the sand and began to cry....FastForward U soon see Cloud walking towards u, u didn`t feeling lk running anymore "~~~, time to go home..." "...." Cloud then scooped u up in his arms without
a word...and u didn`t mind cause u didn`t care anymore...(I had to finish the sentence so thats it)
Read ^^^^^
32. *FF* U were soon in ur bed just lying there thinking about ur parents when Tifa came in "How are u feeling ~~~..?" "...I...don`t...feel..anything.." u said looking at her. "I know it must be hard for u...but I have some good news,"
That cloud loves me?!?! (me:not u again..)
Same as ^^^ but w/ Axel
^^^^but w/ Reno
(I had to put more points for them)
That my parents are alive and u were just playing a mean joke...?
33. "U like it here right ~~~?" "Well...yeah" "Well.. u can live here...I can take care of u! I can have custody of u" "Really?" "Yes" u sat ther in silence..."Thats...awesome I guess." "Well I don`t have to if u don`t want to.."
.........(me:didn`t see that coming?) Eh sorta..(me:....Dam)
*hums* (no effect by the by...
34. "Well...I got no where else to go...well at least somewhere where they care about me as much as u..." "So u`ll stay ~~~?" "....Yes...I`ll stay" u smiled and Tifa gave u a hug. "Well then ~~~, that means u ~~~ will be going to school here"
Yay!!!! Then ill get to see Cloud every singel day!!! (me:*sigh* when will u learn..)
That means I get to go to school with Axel!!!
Reno every singel day?!?! Im in heaven!!
Maybe ill find a guy there thats not like all those guys..^^^^
35. "...What.." u said in shock pushing Tifa away gently. "Well u are gonna have to go to school ~~~. I know it will be hard but Cloud & me will be there" "*sigh* I guess i got no choice right?" "Right." "Then...I guess I can`t wait for school to start."
(sorry this is really long but i promise it will be worth it!)
(and Im sorry i really wanted to write it so i took a chance)
36. "I`ll call right now to enroll you," she said getting up from ur bed " get some sleep its been a long day for u.." "..Yeah" u said holding back tears. "Goodnight ~~~" Goodnight Tifa." Then u hear Cloud out of nowhere "Night ~~~" "Night Cloud"
Yay!! Night cloud!!! (Me:when will u learn!!!)
Night Reno where ever u are!
Night Axel!!!
Night everbody...
37. Well guys thats the first story I hoped u liked it and will continue to read them. (depending if this one gets good rates and comments) SO.. please rate & comment if u liked this story & if u do I promise to write more
I`ll comment & rate!! (me:thank u sooo much!) Just so i can see the other choices in the stories.^-^
I`ll rate! (me:that`s good!)
I`ll do....Nothing!!! (me:....pleeeaaasssseee???!! rate or comment)
I`ll comment!! (me:thank u!!!)

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