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Which killer in my stories (ff sg & ci) are you?
Inferno, Fang or Peter?

1. Your walking in a feild when you hear a scream. You?
Run toward it I don`t fear danger
Growl and go see what is wrong
just keep walking
2. You see a random guy you don`t know getting robbed you....
Kill the robber
Try to leave but can`t and kill the robber
Shrug and leave
3. What would you rather be?
Nothosaur (it`s like a large lizard)
Doberman Pinscher
4. A song like you is? (just pick if you don`t know but they are awesome if you hadn`t heard them you should)
Frontline-by Piller
Dying to live again-by Hedley
Breaking the habit-by Linkin Park
5. If you had to pick a weapn it`d be?
Tooth and claw
Teeth and guns
Tooth & claw & guns and swords
6. People also call you?
Angel of darkness
A assassin
7. One word about your past?
8. How many friends do you have?
9. You`d rather be....
In a small group
With one or two buddies
10. Do you always leap into danger?
I kill to live what do ya think????
I think first idiot!
11. Where would you rather live?
In Dormorn
In the seas millions of years ago
On Clark`s Island

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Created on:6/7/2009 8:40:56 PM
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