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How would You Kill Your Worst Enemy?
I feel kinda violent today...

1. You are walking on the street. You`re in a really good mood. And then you see him/her. A person, you hate the most in your life. What`s your reaction?
You`re slowly turning mad
You feel the waves of anger flushing you one after another
Your face becomes pale
You smile with a sick smile on your face
Just calm...
A lot of thoughts whirld in your head
Angry...and concentrated on your task
Ready to fight
A blind anger paralyzes you
2. He/she smiles. With the same dumb smile you hate. You think of the time he/she hurt you the most
The time he/she cheated and beat me in a competition
The time he/she embarassed me in front of a crowd
The time she/he almost beat me up to death
The time he/she cheated on me
The time he/she stole something important from me
The time he/she stole my glory
The time he/she made me do something I shouldn`t have to
The time he/she made a fool out of me
The time he/she lied to me about something I treasure
The time he/she stole my friends
3. "Kill!" - You hear a voice in your head. You think...
Yesssss... Kill
Why? Oh well...
4. He/she continues smiling at your. Probably thinks that you are too weak too do this
Probably... But this is not a big issue
Weak? Me?
*blind anger*
We`ll see, who`s weak
5. Suddenly, you see a cloaked figure near you. It lifts its cloak and you gasp in fear. You see a face of a...
No face
6. The Creature says: I`m the God of Revenge. Do you truly want to kill him/her?
I don`t really know
7. Hmmm, I see... And what is your favorite time of day?
Morning, when sun is shining, but everybody is still asleep
Noon, when the people can see me
Evening, when I can be myself
Twilight, when the day is torn between the day and night...just like me
Night, when no one can see me
8. Good, good and what is your wosrt character trait?
My hatred
My coldness
My sickness
My madness
My cruelty
My defiance
My loneliness
9. Wonderful, just wonderful. Now, do you like a long death or a short death for him/her?
Reaaly long. I like to watch him/her suffer!
Kind of long. It`s interesting
In between maybe?
Short and fast!
10. Well then, it`s all done. I just need a little bit of your blood. Here Please. Thank you very much. Oh and before you attack please, promise me that you will rate and comment ot that quiz!
Sure, I will!!
No thank you
11. And`s your time for REVENGE!!!!
You turn around, look at your enemy and slowly smile
You turn around, look at your enemy and slowly smile

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Created on:4/12/2008 6:55:13 PM
Made by:DarknessZ

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