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Which Keroro Frog are you???
These are frogs....alien frogs.

1. What would you fight with?
your subordinates
hight tech weaponry
guns, explosives, bombs, etc.
kicks, punches, and a secret weapon
with a short sword, agility, and PHOENIX FLAME!
2. Would you rather be...
A smart leader whose plans backfire?
A cute, youthfulm but insane person?
A tough guy with a soft spot for love?
A laid back genius everyone asks for help but is creepy?
a loyal, sane, and skillful person who almost everyone has a hard time remembering.
3. choose one symbol
Shoshinsha Mark (a shiled-like mark used in japan to distinguish a new driver)
4. What do you like?
junk foods, snacks, and karate
minding your own business and avoiding your crush
surfing the net and inventing stuff
training and meditating and keeping an eye out for anything.
going out or hanging out with friends
buying new stuff or shopping
playing video games
building gundam models and other toys
minding your own business and having a peaceful time with nice friends.
doing chores (usually forced to)
5. What dont you like?
seeing your someone else getting cozy with your crush
seeing your crush get hurt
plans failing or people disobeying you
you being bossed around
people borrowing your stuff and misusing it
people who are too melodramatic
people who pollute or cause trouble in the environment or public
not getting enough or any attention
your eyeglasses being removed or not being able to find them
6. choose something that you cannot live or dont want to live without
your friends and your family
internet, toys, video games and TV
iPod, laptop, and other gadgets
your dream girl or your pet
snacks and food!!!
your few and loyal friends

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Created on:9/28/2008 5:14:39 AM
Made by:alseides

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