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How well can you keep secrets?
Just wondering... :-) (ok, not really) but hope you'll like the quiz!

1. Let`s say you`re at school eating your lunch when you overheard classmate/friends whispering about something. What is your initial reaction.
You try to eavesdrop, then later tell everyone what you`ve heard.
Well, you eavesdrop, but only tell your closest friends about it.
Eavesdrop, but you`ll never tell anybody unless you have to.
Ignore them, you`re trying to eat your lunch here.
2. If someone lets you in on a secret, you...
...keep it to yourself, a secret is a secret, right?
...tell it to some of your close friends. Hey, it`s so juicy, I have to spill.
...should keep to myself. Unless you know you SHOULD tell it to someone.
...tell it to everyone, I can`t help it if everyone wants to hear it.
3. Let`s say you`ve overheard some of your rival`s secrets. What would you do?
Ignore them, if I can`t then I`d keep it to myself.
I`ll keep it as a secret, but it will surely be tempting to spill it.
Tell it to someone you trust, if you want/should to, after all what they don`t know won`t hurt them.
Spread the word, revenge is sweet!!!
4. For you, a secret is something.... treasure. (and to keep it between you and the one who shared it with you.) always share with your close and trusted friends, even if someone else shared it to you. either keep for myself, or share it with my close friends. tell everyone, if the secret`s worthy enough to share.
5. Let`s say your sibling skipped or did something wrong at school, would you tell your parents?
I should, it`s for his own good.
Unless, he submits into my demand.
Mwhahahaa!! Someone`s going to be in trouble....
6. Are you good at keeping secrets?
If I want to, I can.
If I should...
I like to tell them.

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