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Are You Justin Bieber s Number   Fan  quiz. You may think you know Justin Bieber  but are you really his number   fan  Find out now  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are You Justin Bieber`s Number 1 Fan?
You may think you know Justin Bieber, but are you really his number 1 fan? Find out now!!

1. When is his birthday?
November 21, 2000
March 14, 1994
February 25, 1990
March 1, 1994
2. Fill In The Blank: Justin Bieber broke his _______ while on tour with Taylor Swift.
Pinkie Finger
3. What is his favorite chocolate candy?
Hershey Bars
he doesn`t like chocolate!!!!
Milky Ways
3 Muskateers
4. What was the first song he ever recorded?
One Time
Down To Earth
Common Denominator
Barbie Girl
5. Does Justin have a girlfriend?
YUP!!!! He`s been with her, like, forever!!!!
Does who have a girlfriend?
NO!!! Wait, he doesn`t, does he?
He`s, "Single amd ready to mingle!"
6. Who`s his manager?
Scooter Braun
Michael Jackson
7. Who travels EVERYWHERE with Justin?
His dad
His older sister
His mom
Dora The Explorer (duh, she likes to EXPLORE!)
8. What does Justin think of his fans?
They are so supportive and got him where he is today.
They`re stupid, annoying, and make him feel claustrophobic
It`s sweet they care, but what`s the point?
Justin has fans?
9. What song did Justin sing for Usher the second time they met?
U Got It Bad
The Saddle Club theme song
10. What is Justin`s favorite song on My World 2.0?
That Should Be Me
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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