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which justin bieber song are you? :)
pray, favorite girl, latin girl, somebody to love, born to be somebody, love me, baby, u smile, that should be me

1. if a dog was hurt, what would you do?
call for help
help it yourself
leave it there
2. do you have a crush on a boy/girl that you really dont talk to?
3. do you have a crush on one of you friends?
4. are you single (honestly)
5. do you like to make people smile?
yes, it makes me fell good :)
no, idgaf about them!
6. another senario: one of you closest friends died. will you:
forget about them.. you guys weren`t that close...
of course! he/she was my friend!
7. do you care about what people think about you?
8. do you care what song you really are?
no.. i just did this.. i was boreeeddddd!
i guess so...

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Created on:4/20/2011 10:48:11 AM
Made by:newmoongirl1

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