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justin beiber quizzes...why???
just so everyone knows i hate justin beiber too

1. ive noticed a LOT of justin beiber quizzes on this site lately...
2. ...and im not just talking about the ones praising him...im talking about the hate quizzes as well
are u a jb sympathizer or something?? (me: no i just dont see the point)
3. ...im just wondering why people have to go out of there own way to make a quiz about wanting to kill him and cr.ap like that
because we HATE him (me: so what i hate him to but im not making any kinda kill jb quiz now am i??
im wondering the same...
4. im not saying that people have to stop making them...im just wondering what the point is to have to kill someone just because they dont make the music u like
because he doesnt agree with our ways of life(me: there r TONS of people like that, so what??)
it DOES sound kinda pointless
5. i would just say his career should end, he doesnt have to die...after all i hate his music too...but i just dont listen to it...i have my own cr.ap that i listen too
you are a very confusing lady
i agree
6. so yeah...feel free to comment

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